Marsha Starr is taking California by storm with her roller coaster ride of hilarious hypnotic mayhem.

Join Marsha on stage, or watch in amazement as the Hypno Diva guides her performers into a cast of larger-than-life characters in a comedic whirlwind of uninhibited, riotous antics!

WOW! What a show!

Funny, frenzied and FANTASTIC! Loved every minute!

-Ron Hinkle

Three words describe Marsha's show:


– Amanda Richardson

I LAUGHED so hard my face hurt!

Who knew my sister spoke fluent Martian?

– Hank & Sheri Porter

marsha-portraitComedy Hypnotist

Marsha Starr has been delighting, enthralling and mesmerizing audiences of all ages all over California to as far away as New York where she was featured on BROADWAY. She has been on FOX5, and has performed at The Comedy Store, The Comedy Palace, Pechenga Resort & Casino, for Toyota, Dave& Busters, John Deere, Children’s Hospital, San Diego Gas & Electric entertainment for our troops, American Cancer Society, The Liver Foundation, SDSU, USD, UCSD etc etc. .

Marsha does over 120 shows a year, yet no two are alike because she customizes each performance to meet the preferences of the individual clients event. As a result she enjoys a 98% re-booking rate. A typical show might have her volunteers believing they are famous celebrities, are in a high speed car chase or are competing in a dance contest while one foot just got stuck to the floor etc etc..

The Hypno Diva, Marsha Starr, brings her expertise to the stage in a show that’s defined as a fast-paced, action-packed roller coaster ride of hilarity. Wild applause and non-stop laughter throughout the show typify Marsha’s side-splittingly hilarious show as the performers toss inhibitions out the window!

These shows are perfect for corporate events, holiday celebrations, high-school and college functions, charity fund-raisers, entertaining the troops, as well as private parties, since they are suitable for all age groups.

Marsha Starr, The Hypno Diva, brings you top notch professionalism paired with over-the-top, laugh-a-minute, first class comedy hypnosis. You can see the show or BE the show! Book Today

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Q: Can I be made to do something I don't want to do?
Q: What if I lose control and embarrass myself?
Q: What if I reveal my secrets?

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