"I laughed so hard my sides ached"
-Harv Zetarr, San Diego

"Marsha puts on an amazing show! "
-Phil Roberts, Illinois

"Thank You so much for the marvelous show. It was hilarious"
-Rovena Reagan, La Jolla

"The best way to describe this show is fast paced and really, really funny!"
Peter Evans, Seattle

"What a riot! Who knew my sister spoke fluent Martian?"
Melissa Helyn, San Diego.

"I've got 3 words to describe the this show: HILARIOUS! HILARIOUS! HILARIOUS! "
-A. Nicoletti, New York City

"Marsha has a way of engaging the audience which makes the show fun for everyone in attendance"
-Ron Morell, San Diego

"I cannot say enough about Marsha Starr! She did a Comedy Hypnosis Show for our fundraiser, a San Diego charity which benefits youth, and it was a HUGE success. The show was hilarious! I stood at the exit to shake hands with people on the way out and I repeatedly heard, "This was so much fun!" and "I haven't laughed this hard in ages!" We are so grateful to Marsha and I hope she'll do another fundraiser for us next year "
-Frank Fernicola, San Diego

"Marsha was involved from the outset, did her homework, had great tips for me to maximize the experience, invested her time to know her audience and, as a result, had the right strategy and material and was a sheer delight to work with."
-Monica S, Laguna Hills

"Thank you for yet another wildly successful Comedy Hypnosis Show. We received innumerable compliments about your ability to bring out the absolute funniest in your participants"
Rev. Jerry Troyer, San Diego

Marsha entertains on cruise ships, at private parties, college campuses, corporate events, military bases, grad nights, charity fund-raisers, special celebrations and festivals.

From NY City to San Diego and all points in between!